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Companies Group of Inter Property is represented by partner companies selling property in such countries asThailand, Cyprus and UAE. Despite the peculiarities of each market, different price ranges and the procedure of property registration, we have one thing in common – each of the companies aims to present the best investment properties from the most reliable developers, sharing their years of experience in the market of each country. Inter Property is headquartered in Phuket, Thailand. In addition, the initial consultation can also be obtained from our representative in Russia.
Недвижимость на Пхукете

Today, November 3rd, at the closing day of the Real Estate Fair, our company Inter Property was awarded the Diploma of the exhibition “Real Estate Fair”.

It confirms that Inter Property provides customers with best-in-class services, and also remind us that if we want to remain the best, we must continue to maintain the highest quality customer service. We are proud that we succeed.

We work hard for our clients have all the data for a successful acquisition of real estate.

Our goal is to provide our customers with everything they need to choose the proper project they deserve with the minimum of cost.

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Russia (Ilya Voronin): +7 921 509 6789
Thailand (Anna Dubovik): +66 94373 1211

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