How to buy a property in Thailand?!

Невижимость на Пхукете

So, you, a citizen of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus or other countries, have decided to buy real estate in Thailand: have studied aspects of Thai law, evaluated their financial capabilities, carefully thought through everything. What to do next? There are two options:

  1. Go to Thailand and contact your local real estate agency;
  2. Start looking for an apartment, villa or condominium without leaving your home country or even without leaving your home.

Let’s take a closer look at the second option. You can read the current offers of the Thai real estate market and get preliminary information from the Internet or print editions, in short – remotely. It is best to use specialized real estate portals where you specify your requirements for goods, for example, property in Thailand, Phuket, apartment in a condominium, studio, next to the beach, price range, etc., after which you leave your contact details. In the near future, you are contacted by an agent who provides you with several properties under your request. You can also attend themed exhibitions. Because it’s not just possible visually evaluate objects,but also get professional advice from specialists.

To choose and conclude a deal it is better to use the services of a real estate agency. This will help to avoid the difficulties associated with the interpretation of Thai laws and language barrier, as well as to have support throughout the transaction – from the choice of the object and the conclusion of a contract for the purchase to the acceptance of finished housing.

How to choose a reliable agency? It should be understood that some companies are direct representatives of the developer, and others – present a lot of projects from different developers. These agencies differ in that in the first case you will get more information about the project, but most likely, the pitfalls will be hidden from you. In the second case, you will be given not only a characteristic of the object you like, but also will conduct its comparative analysis, and perhaps offer more suitable options for your request.

There is also the possibility of remotely making a real estate transaction. If you are cooperating with a real estate agency,whose employees you fully trust, you do not even have to leave the house. The agency will deal with the paperwork at all stages, starting with the selection of a suitable house, villa or apartment and ending with the conclusion of the contract. It will also help to control all processes. Communication is maintained by email and telephone, and the transfer of signed documents can be carried out through the express mail service.

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